[FOREWORD] A new kind of media, a new kind of hope

[FOREWORD] A new kind of media, a new kind of hope

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There is a crisis of faith surrounding the media. In China, people shun a state media network devoid of independence or insight, while in Britain, readers remain wary of journalists who abandoned their sense of ethics in order to beat one another to a scoop. In the United States, the television networks have gained a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts and for becoming mired in partisanship. More generally, difficult economic times have seen large media organisations such as as News Corporation cement their place in virtual monopoly at the expense of small newspapers which have been unable to turn a profit. So, it is fair enough that the global audience has grown distrustful of the media.

China Current hopes to take one small step to restoring public faith in the media. Those among our reporters who are fluent in Chinese will be conducting investigative journalism, bringing to light angles and stories that are not published elsewhere. For this, our Chinese edition has already won plaudits as a pioneer of independent media in China. The international edition will build upon this foundation by translating investigations by our Chinese reporters, and by producing original, thoroughly researched and hopefully insightful analysis and commentary on Chinese current affairs.

Our focus extends beyond the short term. The public’s faith in the media will not be restored overnight. Similarly, our team, formed mainly of students, will not become experts over the course of one day. We aim to develop a new generation of journalists, both Chinese and Western, who search for new stories and perspectives, who respect standards of ethics, and who are adept at negotiating cultural differences in their reporting. We will also strive to never form an alliance with a political organisation, Chinese or foreign, and will further preserve our independence by remaining separate from large news organisations. By fostering a culture of ethical, inquisitive, and independent writing, we hope to win back public faith in our small corner of the media.

As part of our attempt to restore public faith in the media, we also endeavour to report and analyse issues of concern to the public. If there is an issue that you would like us to cover in our reporting, please contact us at exe-editor@cncurrent.com.

Happy reading,

Johan van de Ven

Executive Editor, China Current – International Edition

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